Find Clara on bus stops in TOKYO from April

Find Clara on bus stops in TOKYO since April ! (ENGLISH below )

実は4月から起業家の私としてエデンレッドジャパンの社内の「食事補助」の大切さを広げるお手伝いを積極的にしながら #ブランドアンバサダー を務めております🥰


フランスでは1962年から「食事補助」が会社の福利厚生としてまさに #当たり前の存在 です。日本ではなんともう既に25年存在してます‼️知ってましたか?





Since this April, as an entrepreneur I am actively helping to expand the importance of “meal assistance” that presents Eden Red Japan AD their Japan brand ambassador !

Did you see the advertisement on a bus stop in Tokyo?
It will be presented in a total of 200 places in April ❤️
When I first saw my face printed out … it was bigger than I thought So got really surprised 😮

In France, since 1962, “meal assistance” has become a very common existence as a company welfare program. And had been already present in Japan for 25 years !! Where you aware ?

This is because the company cherishes employees who work hard every day, as a family, and want to keep good employees for as long as possible while having them eat healthy, they offer to ph half of their everyday lunch and the other half is covered by the employee. Really cool and Nice system !!

If you are an entrepreneur or an employee, for the health of everyone, please introduce it to the company like me, or consult with a manager or human resources department. The whole company will become more effective and the teamwork will become so much better.

In Japan, we challenged this new ad with the purpose of wanting you to know more about the importance of the mechanism of “meal assistance” that leads to everyone’s health💕

No matter how busy I am, I will always have a delicious and fun lunch together with my team and I will work my best in the afternoon after being charged !

This ad has been shot in the amazingly yummy “Le Comptoir Occitan” in Daikanyama, thanks to the Pachon family who believes and uses everyday Edenred ! Merci !!

Now it’s your turn !
If you are interested message me, there is Clara’s special offer!


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