La Festa Mille Miglia

【ビンテージ車に恋するミレミリア2018❤️今年もVIPで参加できました❤️IN LOVE ❤️… with the Mille Miglia 2018 cars !】


出発点と終点は常に同じです。原宿の明治神宮です。 10月中旬には毎年開催されています為、1920年代から1961年代までの大型車のパレードを東京で最も活気のある街のひとつに巡っています。

10月は東京で車でのイベントが大変忙しく、ラ・フェスタ・ミッレミリア(La Festa Mille Miglia)は最大のイベントのひとつです。ドライブは4日間にわたって日本の7つの異なる都道府県を横断します。ルートは毎年変わりますが、誰かが特定の場所を通って車を運転するのを見たいと思えば、ウェブサイトに常にルートを記載しています。


La Festa Mille Migliaの主催者によると、このイベントは「骨董品の宝庫」を促進すること、そして「若々しい気持ち」を目指すことを目的としています。
フェラーリの集会とは違って、ここでの運転のほとんどは、小さな町、田舎の村、大都市を通る通常の道路で行われます。クラシックカーを宣伝するだけでなく、日本とイタリアの特別な友好を祝うために、ラ・フェスタ・ミッレ・ミリア(La Festa Mille Miglia)が開催されます。

Every year since 1997, more than 100 cars have left Tokyo on a 680-mile rally paying homage to the famed Italian Mille Miglia road race. Dubbed the “La Festa Mille Miglia,” this rally celebrated its 20th anniversary this year and is considered a “sister event” of the official Mille Miglia. It’s the vintage car heaven you’d expect from a name like that, with a Japanese touch.

The start and finish point are always the same: the Meiji Jingu Shrine in Harajuku, Tokyo. It’s always usually held around mid-October too so if you want to see a huge parade of classic cars from the 1920s up to 1961 drive through one of the busiest districts in Tokyo, then this is the event to come see.
October is quite a busy time in Tokyo for car events and the La Festa Mille Miglia is one of the biggest. The drive goes across seven different prefectures in Japan over four days. The route changes every year but they always put the route on their website if anyone wants to see the cars drive through certain places.

It’s actually one of the few classic car events held annually in Tokyo. For as crazy as the tuner and exotic scene is in Japan, there’s very few opportunities or venues for classic car owners and fans to come together. There’s not even an equivalent Concours d’Elegance event in Japan, which is a shame because an event like that would surely draw out some of the hidden classic gems in Japan.

According to the organizers of the La Festa Mille Miglia, the event aims to promote the “treasuring of antiques,” and “remaining youthful at heart.” It’s also a great way of sharing classic cars with a large chunk of Japan.
Unlike the Ferrari rally, most of the driving here is done on normal roads through small towns, countryside villages and large cities. As well as promoting classic cars, the La Festa Mille Miglia is held to celebrate the special friendship between Japan and Italy.
I can’t say I’m an expert on every single car in this rally, but the superstars are easy to spot. I also would love to join them on one of these rallies one day, because it must be quite the experience‼️
Thanks for the great pictures Evan Will! StudioC.Japan


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