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Clara プロフィール【Profile】

Clara was born in Paris, France. Raised by her French mother in a single parent family, Clara’s immersion into Japanese culture began at a very young age, including enrollment in a Japanese kindergarten in Paris. Also, beginning from the time she was 2 months old, Clara has been modeling both in Paris and Tokyo. Her first job ever was as the baby cover model, along with her twin sister, for « Pampers ». She was also the baby famously featured in the classic French comedy movie, 3 Men and a Baby!

Clara and her family permanently moved to Tokyo when she was 5 years old where she attended a private Japanese school in Denenchofu Futaba. From then on, Japanese became naturally her first and primary language. Then after graduation at the age of 16, she spent 4 months in Canterburry, England in an intensive English language school to prepare herself to integrate into the International College EABJM in Paris, where she was able to master her French and English. At the age of 18, she started to work as an MC using her pan- regional language skills.

After graduating college, Clara dreamed of an opportunity that allowed her to be a cultural bridge between her two countries : France and Japan. With this goal in mind, she embarked on a career in the fashion and style industry, her objective being to focus on the beauty of the whole person that gives a « smile from the inside ».

After working for Tsumori Chisato, Zucca , the former apprentice of Issey Miyake, in Paris, she decided to make her return to Tokyo in 2006 and worked as a buyer for Dolce&Gabanna and in parallel studied through the correspondence program of the International Beauty Institute in Paris.

In 2010, Clara furthered her dream by creating her own company, I Style Japan, which has allowed her to expand her areas of specialization. Today, I Style Japan Ltd. includes a Total Beauty & Consulting Salon, Style Event Planning Company, and an Online Beauty Shop called Clara’s Secret. Even with all this, Clara still finds time to continue her 28 year career as a model and actress, as well as being a highly sought after trilingual MC and narrator.

i Style Japan-salon i Style Japan-salon i Style Japan-salon

In her free time, Clara loves singing Jazz and Chanson, Horse-back riding and international travel.

Latest jobs
- Sweden Embassy Pandora Private Party MC (English, Japanese)
- Consumer Electronic Show (CES), Casio MC , Las Vegas
- Magazine LEON 10th year anniversary MC (Japanese,English)
- Lamborghini Japan Official /Press release Event MC (Japanese/English)
- London Olympics Panasonic Promotion CM Narration
- Docomo Catalog Model (with Ken Watanabe )
- GASTO CM Actress (with comics アンガールズ)
- OENOLIA, Wine Cosmetic Embassador (MC and Event creator as I Style Japan), Tokyo & Osaka
- World Wine Bar by Pieroth, Grand Front Osaka Opening Party (MC and Event Creator as I Style Japan), Osaka
- Beaujolais Nouveau 2012 Opening Event MC with Thane Camus (Creator I Style Japan), Tokyo (English&Japanese)
- Panasonic & Unesco collaboration Event ont the Eco journal global Award MC, Nijojo, Kyoto. (English&Japanese&French)
- Bloomberg Summer Picnic Company Event MC, (English&Japanese)
- Audi Japan Company Event MC (English&Japanese&French)
- Reed Exhibitions Japan Event MC (English)