Diptyque Omote Sando

今日から3週間香りの宝庫 #DIPTYQUEOMOTESANDO が限定期間 #ポップアップショップオープンです!
Starting from today for 3 weeks, the new pop-up store Diptyque Omote Sando is making us discover the universe and backstage of the brand fans’ favorite 6 perfumes, through an experience of “travel of scents” with your 5 senses.

新たなデザインで登場したこの可愛らしい30ml のボトルは試してみたいあなたにも友達にもプレゼントにもとてもオススメ‼️
私は個人的に、L’eau des Sens (オレンジ色)とDoson (ターコイズ)をGet !!

The pop-up store right on the middle of the champselysees of Tokyo, Omote Sando is very easy to find the store and attracted so many fans of their beautiful scents and collection !
If you are already a fan or simply don’t know this french brand existing since 1961, I truly advice you to go discover it by yourself or with a friend !

It’s a fun, cute and relaxing atmostphere!
I personally fell in love with their super cute limited edition Poach with their new 30mL colored bottle with 7,5mL vaporiser!

Got two of them!

Go and get yours !


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